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Who designed the Dustman.... the life.... who designed the life.... me, my thoughts and my responds to the events appearing front of me! StanSG-Design is an artistic place where everything begins; I created Dustman in an artistic expression. But in that artistic expression one reality is projected. I decided to start using Dustman's name for one consciousness, at the moment of this awareness, for the first time in my life, I felt fully connected with my body, mind and soul.



Od StanSG-Design až po Dustmana
Kdo stvořil Dastmena.... život.... kdo stvořil můj život.... já, moje myšlenky a moje reakce na události, které se objevily předemnou! StanSG-Design je umělecké místo, kde vše začíná; Já stvořil Dastmena v uměleckém výrazu. Ale v tomto uměleckém vyjádření se projevuje jedna realita. Rozhodl jsem se začít používat jméno Dustman kvůli jednomu uvědomění, ve chvíli tohoto uvědomění jsem se poprvé v mém životě, cítil plně propojen s mým tělem, myslí a duší.




Illustration for the Book

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

This book inspired me to create a series of ornaments which sending and receiving positive energy


Test No.0409w is reflecting the simplicity to achieve a goal when you know what your goal is; you are the vase and the triangle pointing towards to your goal, with sending and receiving all you need.


Test No.0809b is reflection of the process when you don’t know what your goal is but as centre of the ornament is the triangle the principle is the same as soon you find what is your goal you can achieve it.


The pattern on the triangle represent people, different shapes and colours, same colours in different shapes, same shape in different colour, represent the similarity and diversity in between us, the lines in between are the connection in between us and of course the principle of life apply for all of us.





Illustration for the Book

The Secret

by Rhonda Byrne

This book inspired me to create a series of ornaments which represent the gratitude.


Volcano - Gratitude to Earth; is the first expression of my gratitude to the planet we are living on.


Nativity of Aphrodite – Gratitude to Understanding is the second expressing of gratitude to understanding of the law of nature and love.


Yin and Yang – Gratitude to Reveal is the third expression of gratitude to the reveal of the necessity of balance.


The Future – Gratitude to Love is the fourth expression of gratitude to the future as love is the answer for everything.






Illustration for the Book

The Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace D. Wattles

This book inspired me to create a series of ornaments which are describe as a Substances


The Original Substance is the knowledge of everything in everything and everywhere.


The Formless Substance is the beginning always giving and creating what is need for life.


The Thinking Substance is the potential of every human everyone have it and using it all the time.


Gratitude to Universe – Present is the gratitude to the connection in between of all creation.


Reborn is the outcome of the knowledge, everyday everywhere someone wake up and start to understands some of the knowledge placed front of you.







Inspiration from the Book

The 7 Power Principle for Success

by Bob Proctor



Help / Under my Skin


Angel and Demon / Under my Skin


We are Transformers / Under my Skin


We are Zealous / Under my Skin




Bob help me with my confidence, to create those illustrations I have to feel the confidence in me that I can express myself this way


I love making Stained Glass, I am experimenting with Stained Glass in many different formats. I like the contrast between different materials, and the ever changing light reflection in different angles.


The main factor why I did the collage Help, is when I find a picture of Alexander McQueen with writing on his forehead HELP. A question pops in my head "Why?"


It’s all start me to create this new project “Under my Skin”, because what is really under our skin.

Acrylic on canvas, stained glass, wood, dust, glass, resin


The process

I make the frame in the shape I desire, then I make the stained glass panel which I fit in to the frame, creating back panel with a reflecting foil which allowed reflect the light which keep the colour of the stained glass vibrant and ever changing. I stretch the canvas on the frame, write the text and draw the lines appearing front of me like on my skin. I paint all over it with primer, what’s making the writing and the lines visible only from angles. When the picture is finished I cut the part of the canvas where the stained glass is. Metaphorically to reveal what is under my skin. The picture is finished with red edges and a lose canvas on the bottom line as the feeling of a skin. Where ever I can I am using recycled material in this expression I am using dust.






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