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Stanislav was born in Czechoslovakia in 1977 in a little village close by Prague, named Vsenory. He spent more than ten years aimlessly beating cars as a panel beater, until he found his passion and followed his dream and talent into the world of Art & Design. Stanislav enjoying life in London since August 2004, he’s developing his understanding between Art and Philosophy of life through meditation and developing his skills. Carefully listening the unseen finding harmony of body, mind and soul trough out the art work he accomplished in the past. Finding connection and answers what is possible to achieve if you have faith and believe that anything is possible. Stanislav’s work represents the importance of understanding, connection and gratitude between people and nature. He feel that this is the field of art which can be improve in many ways and can create healthier, friendlier and more mature environment for all being. The materials he using are just a part of all he can use for expression of his feelings.



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Thank you Bless you




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