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" The Oxygen, The Earth, The Water and The Fire. They are the essential elements of our living. And in the love of the nature I find myself very happy to work with these elements. "

                                                                                                                                     Stanislav Geissler

Biography ;

Stanislav Geissler(Stan) was born in Czechoslovakia in 1977 in a little village close by Prague, named Vsenory. He spent more than ten years aimlessly beating cars as a panel beater, until he found his passion and followed his dreams into the world of Art & Design. In 2004 he moved to London, where he studied Ceramics at the Westminster Adult Education College under Anna Silverton & Annette Welch from 2007 to 2008. He is continually studying the Art & Design of Ceramics and other materials exploring new possibilities . Stan's experience of life is displayed through his work in Ceramics, Stained Glass, Plaster and Resin.

Statement ;

I am the one who collecting peoples reaction! I am inspired by myself. I start to do Art in London ,even I had some spell in Czech, because I was sick and confuse of life I needed to find button line. Question is the first Why? Black is black and White is ??? in this world Black is Red and White is gray. Shut up and listen to yourself you will feed me and I will die overload of nonsense. Don't take anything personally and look for the beauty and harmony inside, you will see what you want to see not what they want you to see. Its not an advice its a study.

Thank you Bless you


General in Stained Glass

The Material   - Color Glass, Painted Glass, Recycled Glass, Plaster, Metal, Resin, Transfers and Photography 

Techniques    - Stained Glass, Tiffany Glass

General in Ceramics

The Material   - Earthenware; College Red Terracotta, Stoneware, Standard crank, St. Patrick- buff and St. Thomas Clays.

The Glazes     - Terracolor Brush - on Earhenware, Terracolor powdered Stoneware.

Techniques    - For glazing: Brush, Pouring, Dipping

                         - For clay: Coiling, Slap building, Throwing

                           Also I am working with slips and under glaze colours.

                           Firing in electric kiln.